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Artist Gallery 

Below you will fine examples of our artist work a small interview and links to websites and social media

Dartmouth from the sea_edited.jpg
Rachel Mclaughlin
Brunel bridge to broadsadns Torbay _edited.jpg

Rachel McLaughlin is a relatively new member of the society but straight away got involved and is now our Marketing and Media Secretary. 

Rachel what brought you to our society?

We moved to Brixham after an exciting 3 years in China, and at last was in a position for me to take up painting full time. A soon as we arrived I started painting full time, after a year of solitude I found the society and have not looked back since. 

Rachel how do you decide what to paint? 

Initally I was so overwelmed by the sea and the light, so my paintings were only of that, but gradually as Brixham seeps into the bones I began to branch into the town and hill scenes. this became almost formulaic. 

Rachel can you talk us through your creative process? 

 I would wander around a place, work quick sketchbook views and absorbe the the colours then gradually decide on a compositin. Then back to the studio to work on usually up to 15 smaller sketches/paintings before I commit to the composition and colours. The drawing goes on first then I paint over than I add the drawing back in, its a slow process but I love it. 

Rachel who is your biggest influence? 

Interesting one; as the painting I paint are not what I thought I would be doing, my favourite painter is Sargent however there is no obvious link in my work, I suspect the real answser is my Father I get my drawing from him and without a doubt my work is very drawing based.

To see more of Rachel's work please follow this link :

Pete McNamara  AKA 'Pirate Pete' is a highly respected member of the society who is our videographer for all our demos. 

Pete what brought you to our society?

Brenda my new partner, also a widow, watercolour artist, inspired me, and we noth joined BAS when she moved from Barnstable so we could be together.

Pete how do you decide what to paint? 

Ever since I could hold a camera I have had a keen intrest in imaging, As  a former NHS radiographer, anatomy in all its forms was my impetus. I have thousands of  photographz catalogued on my data base. I often thought some might make a reasonable painting. Portrait human/animal is a dribing force. As are dynamatic studies, I worked in Southern Ireland for a number of years, on my days off you sould find me at the dog track with my camera. Locomotives too, any thing that grunts and moves!

Pete can you talk us through your creative process? 

That's very hit and miss for a newbie. I know what I like but I haven't found a way of expressing it to my satisfaction.

As a medical student at uni in the late 70's my anatomy lecturer "Brian" his mantra was 'what is it, where is it and what does it do, now draw it!' It's surprising how many in the medical professional are excellent artist.

Pete who is your biggest influence? 

Brenda awoke my interest, she has a free loose style, mostly sea and landscapres though she can knock up a portrait, human or animal. If there's one thing I want to do well, it is portraits and the human form.

I was christened Stephen Peter McNamara, I have alway been Peter to everyone, even fro school days. It was at uni that Pirate Pete was my AKA. Hospitals banta never used real names some of my past ones were Smack, Mac. Spam... and some way to rude to include here !

Terrance Steps Keith Tunnicliffe.jpeg

Brixham Art Society 

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